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Red and Black custom Laminate Counters

Item No: 5


We have a Total or 5 Custom Laminated Counter units. All the counters have a cabinet door on two sides, Oversized tops with a 11 3/4 “overhang. All the tops have grommet holes for power and a large 4” hole in the center of the top. The hole is designed to fit a PM4 extrusion in the center. PM4 in the center is NOT included with the counter. To stabilize the PM4 in the center each counter has 2 silver hallow framed panels that lock to the PM4 and lock into LE extrusion already attached inside of the counter bases opposite the doors. Cabinets are assembled with 90% link and cam locks.

• 3 of the counter tops are 48 1/8” long with concave sides @ 30” at the smallest point.

• 1 of the counter tops is smaller and has a longer over hang on one end. 42 7/8” x 31”

• 1 Counter is a 47 ¼” round.


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